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18 November 2009 @ 01:08 am
I'm totally obsessing this photo right now and if I had any graphic skills, it would be all fancied up and on my desktop. It's all about the shirt.

Photo (c) The Kennedy Family Forum. Slightly cropped to remove Joan (no offense), sharpened a bit and border slapped on.

Any Ted fans (and fans of me since I've been posting there now) can find me at emkennedy and at edwardkennedy if you wish. Haters can stay away from there, lol!
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10 November 2009 @ 02:13 pm
This dream contains Ted Kennedy. Speaking of which, I wanted to get that special edition of LIFE magazine in the store but it was $13. I kept passing it up, knowing I shouldn't. I saw it on eBay and thought I'd get that eventually but now I went to check and can't find it on there. I'm hoping it's gonna be in the store, or I'm gonna kick myself for not getting it sooner. Anyway, on to the dream. Oh, and if you don't like him, then skip the lectures. :-)

I was up the street from my house with my family and some friends. We stopped in a bad area where a long stretch went between stores. Sorta like an alley. My grandmother told me to go down there for something and I went, but it looked like a lot of seedy, porn-ish places. I thought one store was a movie theatre because it had a lot of posters of movies around it, but it wasn't. I got to the end and came back. My grandmother was laughing because she sent me down there for nothing.

Behind us, across the street from the table we were sitting at, was a building with three large billboards above it. They were each different scenes of a Kennedy moment in time. My friend and I were looking at them and I pointed to the second one and said, "There's Ted Kennedy." She pointed to the first one and said he was in that one, too (this was before we realized they all had him on there). It was video footage of a bus and a bunch of people. I said it wasn't him (very old, skinny guy with glasses and beard), she said it was (and said not the one I was looking at). I kept watching, she said where he was, I said she was wrong.

I pointed to the second one again and said I liked that one better. It was footage of him giving a speech (1970s or so). The third one had Jack and Bobby with him (younger). Then I turned and said, "I like THAT one!" as I pointed to the older Ted across from us at the table and he smiled cos he was amused. My friend dared me to throw my trash (from our food) away in the trash can by him. I went over and stood there, he was standing and leaning on the table. He had a long black coat on (woo) and I said,"Can I get to that trash can, please?" He said sure and stepped back so I could get to it (small can). My friend was impressed. Ted talked to me (forget what he said) and we got along well. Then I woke up.
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06 November 2009 @ 07:47 pm
These two dreams feature Alfred Molina and Anthony Hopkins.

001. I was with a girl who was my best friend. We were on a beach and I was waiting for Alfred to come down the stairs to the sand area. There was a movie thing going on where the cast of Nothing Like The Holidays would all come down the steps when their names were called. My friend told me to give up but then they said Alfred's name and he came down. He sat at the desk in front of my friend (she was on my right). We were in a school class. I kept looking at Alfred and he knew I was there but was ignoring me. He came behind me and leaned close to my friend and asked, "Would you like to come back to my place?" I shouted, "You're married!" before she could even reply. He looked at me and said, "Lisa! I've been married for _____ years and the last 2 or 3 have been bad!" I reminded him again that he was still married and told him to get a divorce or something, then. He asked my friend, "If I were single and free, would you be interested?" I said, "NO!" and she agreed with me. He sat back down and wasn't at all happy that I butted in. I was thinking my friend would go behind my back and date him, but she said she wouldn't because she had done it to me once before and knew better.

Alfred ended up taking over the class and he put us all in groups. He separated these two guy friends of ours from us and they had to sit far away. My friend and I were still in the same group along with another girl. We had to pick a topic (item or service) and re-market it (make changes to it and improve it). I picked a pen or something and was sitting there in a daze. My friend and the girl were talking to me and I said I wasn't in the mood to do this and would just take a failing grade. Then I said I couldn't because it was a group project. Alfred was purposely trying to push my buttons to get back at me. I switched my item to mailboxes and thought how I could improve them. Then I was walking down a store aisle right by there. My grandmother was with me and I asked her if she knew who Alfred was while pointing him out. She said she knew. I think I grumbled about him being a jerk and he saw me doing it.

002. I was at a long table and Anthony Hopkins (1970s-1980s or so) was there with a briefcase bag and a cigarette in an ashtray. He was packing up his belongings and I went over and took his ciggy. He said something about the pack of cigs he had and how I took his and I said I didn't care. I smoked it in front of him. Then I walked away and was in a mall.

Strange but decent dreams. Nothing too weird, at least.
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27 October 2009 @ 05:56 pm
These dreams contain appearances by Terry Jones, Michael Palin and.... yes, once again, Jeffrey Tambor. *sigh*

001. I was in a small western-style town complete with cowboys and such. The road was made of dirt and there was a bar in the centre. I saw they had a soda machine, which was odd since this was LONG ago before those were even invented. I ordered Root Beer, but the guy put fizzy water in it too and it tasted like crap. I was friends with a guy and tried to get him to hook me up with a gun because I didn't have one. He ended up fighting some other guy and burning his house down, so he went to jail and he let me keep his knife and gun while he was away.

I remember someone finding out that I was from the future (present) and he told me to be careful or I'd blow my cover. I went into a library and found the guy. It was Michael Palin and he was sitting at a computer. He was young (Python days) and I sat down and asked, "Where is he?" Michael didn't wanna tell me because it would jeopardize the time-traveling. I said I would tell everyone where he was from (future) and he gave in and looked across the room. I looked through a crowd of library people and saw a 1980s-era Terry Jones laughing at one of the desks. Michael said something about letting it go but I ignored him and went over to Terry. He was sitting in this long lounge-chair thing with red cushions. I sat down and asked if he would give me another chance but he didn't say anything. I said, "So that's a 'no' then?" I got up to leave and he grabbed my arm and sat be back down. Then we made out, lol! The three of us were time-travelers and I guess I had dumped Terry and they went there to forget about me, not expecting me to show up. Heh.

002. I left my house with a guy about 18 or so and we went to get into a car to go save someone in a house somewhere. Spy stuff, I guess. I found a little dog and was trying to read his tag to see where he was from. I put him in the car and we couldn't find the phone number to call his owner, so we drove to the place and it was a big warehouse thing. There was a girl in the backseat with us, now. I told the guy to drive away fast because the guy who owned the dog had abused him and hurt his back leg. But now the dog was a young boy and the "owner" came out chasing us. He had his arm in the car door window and then I was driving. The car ran weird and as I drove away, we ended up driving around (the car was now gone and it was more like watching a video game from the driver's perspective) inside a big apartment from room to room. We stopped in the kitchen and were all standing there.

A woman (housekeeper?) was standing there in an apron and there was food on the stove. She didn't speak English very well and said something, but I didn't understand her. Then Jeffrey Tambor (ug) walks in, I make a loud groan, and he stirs the diced potatoes boiling in the pot on the stove. He got a spoonful and insisted I try them. I made a fuss but he didn't give up, so I tried them. Supposedly he knew how to help us, but we'd have to eat his taters before he told us anything.

I woke up after that. Thank goodness.

(Haha, song playing when I typed this.)
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23 October 2009 @ 10:04 am
This dream contains Graham Chapman, Gary Shandling (ug), Jeffrey Tambor (ug x2) and Dana Carvey, as well as some just plain bizarre stuff that shouldn't be in my dreams at all.

001. I don't know why, but a lot of my dreams turn a store into a living area. This was one of those times. I was in a large store with an old friend and she had a baby with her. We were talking in this room off to the side and at some point, she told me that Graham Chapman....Collapse )

Yes, I do think that was the most disturbing Jeffrey dream I have ever had.

002. I was attacked by a tiger, I locked it in a closet, it tore up my photo albums, the boat we were on started to sink, my friend panicked, I said it was just a studio ocean....Collapse )

I think I need a break from dreaming.

As I finished this post, Yusuf's "Dream On (Until)" song came on. Hm.
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22 October 2009 @ 11:05 am
These dreams feature John Larroquette, Kirstie Alley and Anthony Hopkins, as well as a creepy metal warehouse with a monster.

001. I was in a store with my mom and I think she left because I was hanging around with some actresses who were starring in a production of....Collapse )

002. On my way to the cool bar while hiding out with fugitive Hannibal Lecter....Collapse )

I wonder about my dreams some times. :-D
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18 October 2009 @ 04:54 pm
I wish I could find more to do on LJ. I did however manage to put up a new layout on alfredmolina (which matches this one) and I put a new layout on the Alfred Molina forum. Still working on getting members for both those.
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01 October 2009 @ 07:40 pm
This dream contains drug references, Hugh Laurie as House, and Dudley Moore.

I started off in "my" room at a desk (my parents were in the other room and wanted me to clean out my desk) and found a book of photos of Dudley that I wanted to scan and get enlarged. Some of them were of him smiling at the camera, others were more candid. One was a wedding cake shaped like a piano and he was playing it and people were dancing on the top (as the dance floor). It was a HUGE cake.

Then I was in a green field with some friends. Then I was down in a small ditch area with a little stream, trees, etc. Dudley ("Arthur" era) was across the stream, laying on the bank and saying dialogue as if he were in a movie. I listened from a large rock and was holding a small tree. It was one of those dreams where you're already filled in with everything. I wanted to ask him something but waited until he was done talking (he started again but I interrupted him, oops). I asked, "Is this the movie where you hold the little tree and it bends and you end up on the other side of the stream?" and he said, "Yeah, it is." I didn't expect him to stop the movie to explain it out of character, but it was cool when he did. In my mind I could see him holding this little tree and it starts bending and he doesn't let go, so he gets a free ride down to the other side of the stream. Funny if you could see it.

Then he says he wants to show me something and I sat on the rock while he crossed the stream. He reach down into the water and I said he better not be gonna show me the spider beetle thing I saw in there. He picked up a crayfish and held it up and I told him to get it away, so he did. Then we were standing on the rock and there was a target across the stream. A couple girls showed up and we had a contest. We had a large bow and put it on the rock, then used a twig as an arrow and shot it across to the target (a tree?). I went first and did well. Then I went again and had a bent stick so that didn't work too well. Dudley went but he was having a problem and didn't wanna do it. He didn't have a shirt on and I was "petting" (lol) him. I told him to hurry up and do it so we could go in the house. He asked, "What would we do in there?" in a low, sexy voice. I said, "Anything you want me to do." So he took his turn.

Of course (!), the dream skipped and I was House (why?). I got shot or hit or something and had to go into this nearby building and lay in a bed on the floor. The other people from the show were there and Foreman was in the bed beside me (but he got a real bed). The others left and I (as House) decided to make out with Foreman! But he was a woman with long curly hair. So we started messing around and the others walked in. I flew back and crashed into the wall, pretended I was disoriented from the accident and didn't know what I was doing. Then I wasn't him and he was sitting out front. I left and took a truck, sped around the parking lot, picked up a girl who needed a ride. I was a guy and there were two girls in the back seat getting high, but I didn't want them there.

I sped off and gave House the finger (haha) and went up a little alley between the building, parked in some little fix-it station hall, cans fell off the shelf onto the hood. I got out and told the guy there to take a break. He worked for me. The girl and I went into my little office with the blue door. Sat at a messy table. I had weed and cocaine rocks (a whole section of the wall was made of tiny coke rocks). I got out a bong and took a hit, then let the girl have some but she didn't know how and she was drinking the bong water, lol! I cut up some coke and it got messed up so I cut some more, grabbed a straw and snorted it. Then my mom comes in with the vacuum and vacuums up some old rocks on the floor, but I didn't care cos I could afford more and had plenty. She left and I put a padlock on the door (pointless since she knew what I was doing in there).

Then I woke up. Weird.
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23 September 2009 @ 06:46 pm
Okay, so this has to be one of the weirdest dreams I've had lately. I dunno if it's because I'm sick and just not sleeping well or what, but....

I was in a store with my mom and some friends. There was a big incident involving some gang members and one of them was revealed to be the main suspect, but I knew the truth. I whispered to my mom that "That guy he's talking to" was the one who lead the gang and who initiated the whole thing. The guy, of course, was Jeffrey Tambor (Why? Whyyyyy?) and I don't even think I was thinking who he really was. It was more like a character in a realistic situation.

I went over and told Jeffrey I knew he was responsible and that I knew everything (I'm so smart). He threatened me. There was a scuffle, I think a weapon (knife?) was involved and he almost had me, but I got the upper hand and my friends backed me up cos the next thing I know, I'm still in the store (I think my mom left) with my friends and we were guards or cops in charge of transporting Jeffrey to prison, but we had to camp out and trek through the snow there. Basically, in the store, no roof, sheltered, but snow all around us.

Now Jeffrey was tied to a soft lounge chair and I was starting to feel sorry for him. He wanted to go out and sled in the snow one last time before going to prison. I don't know why I cared so much cos I really don't like him (which is hard to believe since he won't stay out of my dreams!), but I said I would take him outside as long as he didn't try anything. He gave me his word and I believe him (again, I'm so smart). I figured he couldn't run far, anyway.

One of my friends started hooking up the chair to some rope or chains and I said I would take him outside on my own. The guy said I wouldn't be able to pull the chair. I started wondering why guys were so much stronger than girls, lol! I said I could handle it and gave it a shot. It WAS a bit too heavy, so I decided to try something else.

Things got weird(er) and Jeffrey was a flat piece of ice shaped like a dog (see?) and I was trying to move the plate he was on, but it shifted and the ice pieces got all out of line. I said I could fix it, but realized I couldn't ever put him back together. Then he was okay again, and I woke up.

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