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01 October 2009 @ 07:40 pm
Stream dream.  
This dream contains drug references, Hugh Laurie as House, and Dudley Moore.

I started off in "my" room at a desk (my parents were in the other room and wanted me to clean out my desk) and found a book of photos of Dudley that I wanted to scan and get enlarged. Some of them were of him smiling at the camera, others were more candid. One was a wedding cake shaped like a piano and he was playing it and people were dancing on the top (as the dance floor). It was a HUGE cake.

Then I was in a green field with some friends. Then I was down in a small ditch area with a little stream, trees, etc. Dudley ("Arthur" era) was across the stream, laying on the bank and saying dialogue as if he were in a movie. I listened from a large rock and was holding a small tree. It was one of those dreams where you're already filled in with everything. I wanted to ask him something but waited until he was done talking (he started again but I interrupted him, oops). I asked, "Is this the movie where you hold the little tree and it bends and you end up on the other side of the stream?" and he said, "Yeah, it is." I didn't expect him to stop the movie to explain it out of character, but it was cool when he did. In my mind I could see him holding this little tree and it starts bending and he doesn't let go, so he gets a free ride down to the other side of the stream. Funny if you could see it.

Then he says he wants to show me something and I sat on the rock while he crossed the stream. He reach down into the water and I said he better not be gonna show me the spider beetle thing I saw in there. He picked up a crayfish and held it up and I told him to get it away, so he did. Then we were standing on the rock and there was a target across the stream. A couple girls showed up and we had a contest. We had a large bow and put it on the rock, then used a twig as an arrow and shot it across to the target (a tree?). I went first and did well. Then I went again and had a bent stick so that didn't work too well. Dudley went but he was having a problem and didn't wanna do it. He didn't have a shirt on and I was "petting" (lol) him. I told him to hurry up and do it so we could go in the house. He asked, "What would we do in there?" in a low, sexy voice. I said, "Anything you want me to do." So he took his turn.

Of course (!), the dream skipped and I was House (why?). I got shot or hit or something and had to go into this nearby building and lay in a bed on the floor. The other people from the show were there and Foreman was in the bed beside me (but he got a real bed). The others left and I (as House) decided to make out with Foreman! But he was a woman with long curly hair. So we started messing around and the others walked in. I flew back and crashed into the wall, pretended I was disoriented from the accident and didn't know what I was doing. Then I wasn't him and he was sitting out front. I left and took a truck, sped around the parking lot, picked up a girl who needed a ride. I was a guy and there were two girls in the back seat getting high, but I didn't want them there.

I sped off and gave House the finger (haha) and went up a little alley between the building, parked in some little fix-it station hall, cans fell off the shelf onto the hood. I got out and told the guy there to take a break. He worked for me. The girl and I went into my little office with the blue door. Sat at a messy table. I had weed and cocaine rocks (a whole section of the wall was made of tiny coke rocks). I got out a bong and took a hit, then let the girl have some but she didn't know how and she was drinking the bong water, lol! I cut up some coke and it got messed up so I cut some more, grabbed a straw and snorted it. Then my mom comes in with the vacuum and vacuums up some old rocks on the floor, but I didn't care cos I could afford more and had plenty. She left and I put a padlock on the door (pointless since she knew what I was doing in there).

Then I woke up. Weird.
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Erin Walshdark_pheonix on October 2nd, 2009 10:59 pm (UTC)
The House section of that dream does indeed take the cake of oddness.
Arthur2Dudley: Dud Innocentarthur2dudley on October 3rd, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
And that was the G -rated version, hahaha!